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Software development and system testing for a hydrocarbon analysis device

The client:

Based in Waldkirch (Breisgau), Sick AG manufactures sensors for factory, logistics and process automation that are used around the world. The product portfolio consists of light barriers, scanners and grids; inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors; optoelectronic protectors, vision sensors; detection, measurement and identification solutions, such as barcode scanners and RFID readers; devices for gas flow measurement, and solutions for gas and liquid analyses.

Our services:

  • Conduct requirements survey and analysis
  • Create testing concept, including a testing plan, specifications and scenarios

Certification of a hydrocarbon analysis device in accordance with DIN EN 50271:2010

kumkeo GmbH performed the software and system testing in the framework of the certification of a hydrocarbon analysis device in accordance with DIN EN 50271:2010 “Electrical Apparatus for the Detection and Measurement of Combustible Gases, Toxic Gases or Oxygen – Requirements and Tests for Apparatus Using Software and/or Digital Technologies”, a derivative of DIN EN 61508 “Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-Related Equipment”. We used existing manuals, technical documentation and expert interviews to survey the requirements involved, conduct a supporting analysis and prepare a testing plan. Our findings went into developing a model that allowed for further divisions into functional groups. This provided the basis for creating the testing concept, including the testing plan, specifications and scenarios. We conducted test runs in the lab to show conformity with these norms. SICK received certification after passing the test.

“The experienced and skilled employees at kumkeo GmbH did their work in a clearly structured way throughout the entire project, and also communicated very effectively. They responded flexibly to changes in the project to ensure its successful completion. We would like to thank kumkeo GmbH for this productive collaboration, and look forward to working with them to meet the challenges of the future.”

SICK AG on its collaboration with kumkeo

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