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Electrical and electronic equipment – manufacturer information for commercial users

The German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) encompasses numerous requirements for handling electrical and electronic equipment. Below is a summary of the key requirements.

1. Separate classification of old electrical appliances

Electrical and electronic appliances that are deemed waste are designated as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Owners of waste electrical and electronic equipment must dispose of such separately from unsorted municipal waste. In particular, waste electrical and electronic equipment should not be disposed of with normal domestic waste, but rather through dedicated collection and take-back systems.

2. Batteries, accumulators and lamps

As a rule, prior to disposal at a collection point, owners of waste electrical and electronic equipment should separate from such equipment any old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed within the device, as well as any lamps that can be removed from the waste equipment without destruction. This does not apply to waste electrical and electronic equipment that is delivered to an authorized public waste management facility for recycling.

3. WEEE take-back options

We work with a number of qualified recycling companies to create options for taking back waste electrical and electronic equipment. When a device manufactured by us is deemed waste equipment and you wish to return it, please go to:
https://www.take-e-way.de/leistungen/elektrogesetz-weee-elektrog/b2b-altgeraete-ruecknahme-entsorgung/ and complete the questionnaire.
The disposal of obsolete kumkeo equipment applies with binding effect only for customers within Germany. Customers in other countries should contact their local authorities to obtain appropriate information.

4. Data privacy statement

Waste electrical and electronic equipment can often contain sensitive personal information. This is especially the case with information and telecommunication devices such as computers and smartphones. In your own interests, please be aware that end consumers are personally responsible for erasing data from waste electrical and electronic equipment that is destined for disposal.

5. Significance of the ‘crossed-out wheelie bin’ symbol

The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol frequently illustrated on electrical and electronic equipment signifies that at the end of its service life the respective appliance must be disposed of separately from unsorted municipal waste.

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