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Fieldbus Signal Boosters

Fieldbus signal booster for application within environments subject to intense EMI interference and extending the service life of products

Movement in technical environments always causes material wear and tear. As a consequence, the electrical signal transmission between systems is disrupted, which may ultimately lead to system failure or downtime.

To extend system lifecycles, kumkeo is currently developing fieldbus signal boosters for a variety of fieldbus protocols. The fieldbus signal boosters compensate mechanical wear and tear on electrical signal transmission routes and consequently extend the service life of systems by a considerable margin.

These fieldbus signal boosters also enable the bridging of contact resistance points. They can also be used in the case of brief disruptions, such as those arising from slip ring connections. The compact and straightforward design of the fieldbus signal boosters also enables simple integration into existing fieldbus topologies. Prior adaptation of the fieldbus configuration is not required.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Extension of system lifecycles
  • Extension of maintenance periods
  • Extension of signal transmission paths via cable
  • Reduction in service costs and times
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Reduction of material and storage costs for replacement systems
  • Simple, maintenance-free and cost-effective retrofitting of the fieldbus signal boosters

Fieldbus signal boosters are available in the following fieldbus types:

  • INTERBUS signal booster
  • PROFIBUS signal booster
  • CAN-bus signal booster

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