At kumkeo you encounter specialists with longstanding practical experience. Our initial discussions will give you a clear insight into the quality of our work.

We always deliver on our promises. In the case of development projects, we assume system responsibility from the very outset. We provide support in the form of practical concepts within the project planning phase and throughout every phase of implementation. Drawing on our solid expertise, we coordinate our work to precisely meet your requirements.

We offer you a great deal more than technical performance. In addition to our IT know-how, our specific forte is developing solutions through efficient and explicit communication.

Configuration Management

Complex systems are made up of many different interconnected components and sub-components, each of which are in turn composed of mechanical, electrical, electronic or software-based parts and sub-parts. They may also additionally feature dedicated parameterization.

The life cycle of these systems, from development and operation right through to obsolescence, is essentially administrated by the configuration management process, which specifies each dedicated configuration of relevant artifacts (configuration item or CI) and any contextual or conditional changes to such.

A CI encompasses all work products, such as software releases, hardware components and relevant documentation and files pertaining to the system components, their parameterization, and interactions.

We set up and operate the configuration management process and provide support for any required changes, versioning or development of complex systems and components.

The benefits for our customers:

  • Efficient configuration management design specifically tailored to company needs
  • Simplified analysis of planned changes to individual components in terms of their effect on CIs
  • Straightforward qualification and certification due to the clear designation of changed components
  • Release management support, including commensurate acceptance and certification
  • Facilitates retrieval of functional CIs
  • Streamlined process due to seamless documentation and version control

Our services at a glance:

  • Ascertainment with the customer of company requirements in relation to configuration management (also with regard to release management)
  • Preparation of a configuration management strategy and support in drafting the necessary management plan
  • Identification of CIs on the basis of functional and physical attributes of devices, systems and their components
  • Documentation of relevant artifact configuration (e.g sensors, actuators, software and hardware revisions etc.)
  • Description of the specific purpose of the device, artifacts and their interaction
  • Establishment and supervision of a change management process

Supplementary services:

  • Verification of modified (sub-) system requirements in consideration of applicable regulations and standards
  • Recording, research, documentation and preparation of changes and monitoring of implementation status, including the testing and development environment
  • Provision of support for release management process
  • Assumption of obsolescence management (administration, management or implementation), e.g. for component changes

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