At kumkeo you encounter specialists with longstanding practical experience. Our initial discussions will give you a clear insight into the quality of our work.

We always deliver on our promises. In the case of development projects, we assume system responsibility from the very outset. We provide support in the form of practical concepts within the project planning phase and throughout every phase of implementation. Drawing on our solid expertise, we coordinate our work to precisely meet your requirements.

We offer you a great deal more than technical performance. In addition to our IT know-how, our specific forte is developing solutions through efficient and explicit communication.

Obsolescence management

A decisive success factor in the development of devices and systems is the availability of subsystems and components throughout the entire product life cycle. kumkeo guarantees the provision of such hardware through active obsolescence management. Our specialists constantly monitor the market to ascertain the short-, medium- and long-term availability of subsystems and components. If components become unavailable, we specifically check alternative microcontrollers (SoC), ICs as well as active and passive modules for functionality and potential integration within the existing system.

In addition to system development, we also undertake system maintenance and updating of software and hardware to certification-ready standard.

The benefits for our customers:

  • Reduced outlay for the procurement, development and modification of devices and systems
  • Development traceability founded on a method-based, structural and documented approach
  • Transparent overview of the availability of components of similar type and performance
  • Impartial component evaluation by an experienced, cross-sector company
  • Guaranteed straightforward replacement of components through obsolescence evaluation based on the fit, form and function (FFF) approach
  • Avoidance of contract penalties resulting from supply delays

Our services at a glance:

  • Evaluation of subsystems in accordance with relevant technical parameters
  • Layout redesign in consideration of the requisite EMC guidelines, including environmental conditions (vibration, shock, thermal etc.)
  • Development and integration of hardware
  • Maintenance and update of the software legacy code (including C/C++)
  • Development of prototypes to test functionality
  • Subsystem qualification and certification
  • Reverse engineering
  • Implementation of software and system tests

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