• engineering firm with consulting expertise
    As engineers and advisors, we are always searching for new answers to the challenges that arise in the scope of our products.
  • software test and system tests
    In turn, we incorporate this expertise in finding solutions into cultivating our innovative range of products and services.
  • developing embedded software and systems
    Since 2018, we have been hard at work developing systems and components for measurement and control technology.

Clients from the semiconductor, defense and automotive industries, as well as the fields of aerospace and aviation, laboratory and medical technologies and renewable energies value our expertise.

Battery Management System

The battery management system (BMS) refers to the sophisticated electronics found in every battery pack. It uses smart software to handle the complex monitoring and management of each individual cell within a battery pack. As a result, it plays a major role in the safety and performance of batteries, as well as their charging levels and longevity. Our battery management system is based on a sustainable concept that meets the highest safety requirements. Advanced algorithms and electronics ensure the high-precision measurements and evaluation of all relevant parameters and statuses.

Battery Monitoring Unit

The Battery Monitoring Unit (BMU) is a powerful BMS master processing unit and PROFINET gateway in one, with a modular, flexible software architecture.

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The slave balancer module integrated in the battery pack ensures the proper functioning and secure balancing of the cells while measuring both voltage and temperature.

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We work with our customers to develop customized solutions for electrification products and components that meet the toughest standards, including:

  • Functional security
  • Quick, efficient balancing
  • Short charging times
  • Improved charging management
  • Maximum battery life
Lithium-ion batteries are unstable by nature, especially during charging. If certain precautions are taken during charging and discharging, however, lithium-ion offers outstanding benefits when compared to other types of cells. This is why battery management is such a critical factor in the development of lithium-ion batteries. The main focus should always be on safety, performance and reliability.

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