• engineering firm with consulting expertise
    kumkeo is an engineering firm known for its consulting expertise. We help companies become strong innovators who are ready for the future.
  • developing embedded software and systems
    We program embedded software and systems, and develop customer-specific units, prototypes, and hardware components.
  • software test and system tests
    We conduct complex software and system tests for all defined standards and norms.

Clients from the semiconductor, defense and automotive industries, as well as the fields of aerospace and aviation, laboratory and medical technologies and renewable energies value our expertise.

elmar deep dive

“ELMAR DEEP DIVE” is our format that provides brief insights into the top features and areas of application of our ELMAR Real-Time Framework.

Our first deep dive into ELMAR is ready. Take a look at what our Project Management Lead Alexander Baumann has brought to light.


Part 1: What is the ELMAR Real-Time Framework?


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