• engineering firm with consulting expertise
    kumkeo is an engineering firm known for its consulting expertise. We help companies become strong innovators who are ready for the future.
  • developing embedded software and systems
    We program embedded software and systems, and develop customer-specific units, prototypes, and hardware components.
  • software test and system tests
    We conduct complex software and system tests for all defined standards and norms.

Clients from the semiconductor, defense and automotive industries, as well as the fields of aerospace and aviation, laboratory and medical technologies and renewable energies value our expertise.


July 24, 2018: kumkeo is DIN EN 9100:2018 certified

kumkeo GmbH has been certified in accordance with DIN EN 9100:2018 since July 11, 2018. The certification demonstrates that we meet the aviation, aerospace and defense industries’ standards for quality, security and reliability. It also requires us to continuously improve our services and processes in the areas of software and hardware development, as well as software and system testing.


July 5, 2018: IAT Open House on June 8, 2018

The “IAT Open House” was held on June 8, 2018 at the IAT, Institute of Aerospace Technology in Bremen. It was organized for students by the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. The IAT develops and researches technologies such as flight simulators, satellite construction and innovative space propulsion solutions.

kumkeo set up an information booth as an exhibitor, giving students the opportunity to learn more about the company and our aerospace projects. We also showed them how they could become part of our team.

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